New Page Added Just For You!

What Are You Reading?

I’ve just added a new page called, “What Are You Reading?”

I hope you will check it out and share what book or books you are reading right now or have recently read.

Is there a book you reread constantly?  What genres do you prefer?   What author has had the most impact on your life and why?

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear back from you! Happy reading! 🙂


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  1. Yike! Well, here’s the deal. I really don’t read very often. I’ve been reading the Twilight series at the behest of my 20-yr-old stepdaughter, but I can barely get through it. It’s just drivel!! I did take up The Shack last week. I don’t know. I used to LOVE books, but now I just start with a fervor and then get bored or something.

  2. What did you read in the past that you really liked? Having kids sometimes hurts the attention span. I went through the same thing with AnneShirley but now I’m good again with being able to sit and read…albeit for short amounts of time. 😉

  3. Well, I think about what I read as a kid; Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, humorous fiction. Then I went to Bible college and my interest leaned toward “self help.” I think that wore me out! As I continued college for the next 10 years (!), reading became a means to an end. Since I’m not a “journey” person but rather a “destination” person, I think it ruined me for reading. I would just skim or get the gist and move on. Learn what I needed for the test and wash my hands of it!

  4. As a child, I, too, read and reread Trixie, Nancy, Encyclopedia Brown, Which Way, and the Ruth Chew books. What wonderful memories I have of summer vacations spent sitting in the shade of a tree and being transported to an exciting world of mystery and mayhem.

    Ah, but I’m not answering the question, am I? Let’s see . . . I’m currently reading the works of Levi Montgomery. I began with Jillian’s Gold [which I adored] and just finished A Place to Die [which challenged my notions and shook my life considerably]. I’ve just started “Stubbs and Bernadette” and it’s proving to be a marvelous story, as well.

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