The Promise of Spring

Spring Blossom

The end of February is almost upon us once again. February is that odd in-between month. Winter is almost over yet it seems as thought it will never end.  It is getting warmer and the sun goes to bed just a little bit later with each passing day.  Still, without warning, Old Man Winter can bare his icy fangs at any time. Likewise, that springtime feeling is in the air teasing us with the possibility that it could put Winter on ice for good – at least until December 21st!

You never know what to expect from the month of February and I suppose the same could be said for March. But March has that flavor of spring; that tantalizing aroma of promise emanating from the earth as the winter thaw begins. Even if Winter drops in with one last curtain call of snow – you know it is only fleeting.

I look forward to the month of March.  The promise of spring – with its warmer weather, dry roads and fresh flowers is growing stronger each and every day. I shall feel no remorse as I bid Winter adieu – until next winter when I will welcome it after a long, hot and humid summer! For now however, I welcome the approaching spring and the new life that shall erupt forth from the loins of the earth sprouting and blossoming into the world once again!

Welcome, Spring! We are ready for your arrival!

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