My Writing Space

My Writing Space

I always enjoy seeing the space other writers create for themselves when they sit down to write.  Some are minimalist in their needs and desires while others create a sanctuary of sorts.  No matter how different everyone’s tastes might be, one thing remains the same, that space – that place we call our own is wherever we are able to sit down and write.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.

My Desk

It is what you make it.  It can be that spot on the couch where you sit curled up with your paper and pen. It can be a seat at the local coffee shop or favorite restaurant where the coffee pours like rain into your mug, perhaps it is but a patch of soft, green grass under a clear blue sky or maybe it is at a desk in the corner of your living room amidst the chaos of your loving family.

Whatever or wherever that space is, it is ours and ours alone.

We just moved my desk and iMac back upstairs on Wednesday.  Our downstairs family room is a tad too cold – even in the summer plus it makes it a little easier for me to watch my two-year-old while I write. It’s just more accessible to everything.  So I finally – for the first time – took some pictures of my very own writing space.

You will see the various reference books I have piled up next to my desk only because I have run out of room in our bookcases and just sort of plopped them down on a little table next to my desk.  It is definitely true when someone says you can never have enough bookshelves or books.

The iMac was a present to myself with the money I made on my first paid job writing copy for a local district attorney running for re-election.  It was worth every penny and serves as a constant reminder of what is possible when I put my mind to finishing something.

What is your writing space like? Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  It matters little what a writing space is like if nothing fruitful comes from the writer who inhabits it.  You could have the most excellent writing space and yet never become the writer you want to be. Or, your writing space could be nothing specific, just wherever you sit down and put pen to paper – yet you put forth bestseller after bestseller.

So here is to the space we write in and the writing we do in that special space we call our own!

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  1. It’s always interesting to see other writer’s work spaces. That’s handy how you have your reference books within easy reach.

    I have my computer desk and shelf set up at home, which is pretty messy right now. I still have boxes stacked up on the one side of my desk from when we moved in this summer. My poor shelf is behind our printer stand and a pc tower of my husbands, so the two shelves on it are mostly empty right now.

    I make jewelry in addition to writing, so various beads and findings often invade my writing space. Though I tend to work on that in the living room more often as I can do that while watching TV. TV is to distracting for writing for me.

  2. Hey Tracy,

    Nice blog! I finally got a chance to stop by. I love the green curtains of your space – I think we all need a little colour. I also like your books, I used to do that. But now I only put what I’m reading out, otherwise my bookshelf gets too empty. I’m one of those people you mentioned who needs space on the desk to think.

    Anyways, that looks like a fun space to write. I hope you like it!

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