An Old Friend

They're just typewriter keys until they strike the page. They then become the keys to another world.

This is a shot of my old Royal typewriter passed down to me from my parents when I was a kid. I thought it was lost all these years but it turns out my father had it. My parents divorced in the early 90’s and it was among some of the things he took with him.

I was relieved to see it again after all these years when I reconnected with my dad recently. He gave it back to me. It was like seeing an old friend. I spent so many hours tucked away inside my bedroom, typing away on this old girl.

So many stories, so many dreams – she knew them all. She needs some cleaning and a little repair. My hope is to find some typewriter ribbon – if they still make it for this model.

There’s just something about typing on these beauties – kind of how you can almost bite into the music you hear playing on an old phonograph.

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  1. This model reminds me of the one owned by my mother. It was powder blue with yellowed keys and had a large, dusty black case. I’ll never forget my bandaged fingers (they slipped between the keys often), nor regret the countless hours I spent typing the dreams that come to a child in the early hours of a warm summer morning.

    • What a wonderful memory! Not the bandaged fingers so much as the recollection of putting your dreams on paper as you typed away. I’ve never seen one other than the black model. The blue sounds lovely though! Thank you for sharing! I appreciate it! How special those memories are.

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