The Lullaby

I wrote a lullaby for my daughter when she was two months old. I sing it to her every night and just recently, I finally composed it on my keyboard. I need to record it on Garageband yet and lay my vocals down but I am extremely excited to finish it and have a recording of it for her. She is 20 months old right now and every time I sing it, she smiles and listens attentively. Once I complete that project, I have another song to write the music for. It is a song that just popped into my head in full form one day after a workout. The words and music just hit me at once. Now I just need to sit down and score it. It is all a slow process for me as I do not do it in one sitting. I play a little bit, then let it rest inside my head – fermenting for a few days or even weeks. Then I sit back down again and repeat the process. It is just how my brain works. Hopefully one of these days I will have enough music for a complete album. That will make me very happy as it is one of my many, many dreams and goals I have for myself.

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