Autumn Fever

Leaves of ColorYes, I have it.  I have Autumn Fever.  This is nothing new.  I get it every year around this time but it has not been as strong as it is right now for a very long time.  Usually when I get Autumn Fever, it means I am about to have a major creative surge.  It also means that I am about to go on an all out writing binge which is a very good thing!  Autumn is my very favorite time of year.  It is cozy, chilly, exuberant, joyful and smacked full of seasonal delight.  I revel in all that is pumpkin, fall leaves, frosty mornings and rattling tree branches.  So, I indulge myself at this time.  I light the pumpkin spice candles, enjoy cup after cup of Fireside Coffee or Humpy Camel Juice and wrap myself in all that is Autumnish.  So as soon as my hyper-energy-craziness subsides, I shall jump feet first into my manuscript or poetry and see what my muse has for me.  

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  1. Ah….I have been feeling a tingling in my bones these past few days. It has been cooler here and it seems that the sun is starting to set differently. It won’t be long now. I get an almost dizzy feeling thinking about sleeping with the windows open and not wanting to roll out from under the covers because the morning air is crisp and bites at my toes. I’m already picturing having a cup of coffee and a muffin on the porch while wrapped in a sweater. But, there is a certain sadness in knowing that it also means my sweet girl will be another year older. It won’t be long now.

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