The Well of Ideas

I did move my computer upstairs to the upper living room along with my Yahama keyboard.  It’s cozier and I can work at the drop of a hat if an idea strikes me.  This is my first full week home in quite a while so I am hoping to clock some quality time writing.  I have a few new story ideas – for short stories and I am sort of missing one of my characters from one of my unfinished manuscripts.  I need to awaken her and give her some sort of closure.  It is funny how invested one becomes in their writing and in the people and world they create.  I hate that I have left her in limbo.  I like her and I like the story I am creating for her.  But I needed this time away from her to sort out my thoughts and figure out what I want to do with her.  I think it is time to check back in on her and see what she has for me.  After all, it is a quid pro quo relationship, is it not?

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