Funny how reading a new book can stir up old ambitions from within and inspire a person to write about things they had long since put on the back “mind-shelf.”  It has been a while since I felt creatively inspired.  To have that feeling return is like welcoming home an old friend.

I am so excited to write and create these days.  Each word typed is one “word-step” forward.  I have been trying to reclaim that joy of writing I had as a young girl. I would hole up inside my room on a Friday night while my parents watched television downstairs.  With my favorite tunes playing on my stereo, I would park myself in front of my mom’s old Royal typewriter and plunk away for hours working on my latest “novel.”  I still a few of my “early works” and when I go back to read them, it is like opening a time capsule to my past.

Writing is such an evolution of character – not just the characters in a story as they are developed and fleshed out – but also my own character.  Perspectives, beliefs and ideas constantly change as words are committed to paper.  Writing allows me to see things in a different light.  It allows me to think through all that is going through my mind.

How delicious is it then, to read a book that ignites the mind and inspires the soul?  Even better, how delightful is it or will it be when my own writing does that for someone else?

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